Email marketing is a type of online marketing that involves Sending out flyers to recipients with email accounts.

With Dar Insights email marketing campaigns we can send out creative advertisements for your business to thousands of people in one go and get a lot of responses or sales from the marketing.

You can use our email marketing to send traffic to your business that thousands of people can see what you are offering and buy.

You can also use Dar Insights® email marketing to announce a launch of a product.

Similar to printed fliers that are distributed manually, we do that job for you electronically using the power of the internet.

This is a cost effective way as it saves you money and time and above all it is environmentally friendly.

Your advert or message will be sent out to more than:


Our efficient e-mail marketing solution helps you keep your customers and prospects coming back.

Custom e-mail newsletter design to keep recipients engaged with your brand thought-provoking subject lines to incite higher open rates.