Dar Insights Digital Advertising Network:

Dar Insights Digital Advertising Network is a Tanzanian digital advertising network enabling brands and advertisers to reach millions of consumers via mobile, web and any internet display device.

We leverage exclusive networks with all newspapers publishers in Tanzania and Top websites to deliver value to advertisers according to their target customers in real-time.

We are truly the Ad network in Tanzania with a well-defined network and impressions that guarantee returns for every ad placed within the network.

We help brands and advertisers connect with their audience in real-time via targeted customers on Mobile, websites and Mobile applications.

In Tanzania people share breaking news via WhatsApp and other social media channels.

When clicked, it directs them to the publisher’s website, that’s where our Ads will be waiting across all platforms and devices.

We focus on:

  • Mobile banner ads
  • Mobile apps ads
  • Desktop web displayed ads

AD Network – Features:



  • News
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Jobs
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social Communi9es
  • Technology
  • Games
  • App downloads


Our network receives over 3 million unique visitors. These are dis9nct individual’s reques9ng pages from the websites in a month.



Our network receives over 100 million Ad views. This is the number in which an ad is fetched from its source, and is seen by viewer.

OVER 85%


 85% of our network/ publisher are reputable newspapers website. Our contract is 100% exclusive i.e., no other ads are allowed on these websites except from KAN.

AD Network – Added features:

MULTIPLE FORMATS:Leverage your current ad designs for Texts, images, video, animation and branded content. Double ad views and burst campaign performance and conversions. TOP UP ACCOUNTWe accepts all major credit and debit cards, cash in our offices, Bank Cheque and all Mobile Money (M-Pesa, Tigopesa, Airtel Money and Z-Pesa) AD SECURITYOur effective fraud detection system provides a safe environment and ensures you don’t waste any money on low-quality traffic.

AD Network – Targeting:

By geo locations | By device e.g., Mobile only | By network operator | By operating system |

By gender e.g., depend on site categories | Target by time, day in a week/month |Target by publishers | By Local apps (In-app ads)

AD Network – Performance report:

Dar Insights Digital Advertising Network is first transparency ad network, which gives an advertiser fully customized user friendly dashboard and android mobile application to track real time report on the go.

Our reporting tools update you on;

  • Real-time number of clicks visit to your website
  • Real-time Impressions (Ad views) that your campaign received
  • Real-time spending on each network

Our dashboard allows advertisers to see the best performing sites on their ads and to easily sort data by day, campaign and channels.

Dar Insights Digital Advertising Network has a wide selection of ad formats, which range from Mobile Ads, popup banners, In-add data collection banners, images, audio, link, flash to video that engaging users and generation revenues.